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Which cities are still available to open franchise Egoscue facility? Egoscue franchises do not receive exclusivity to a particular region or city. And while some markets represent more immediate potential than others, it is our hope that every major market will someday have access to multiple clinics. We encourage any potential franchisee to pursue their passion and not let location selection be an issue for their long-term decision. Should you wish to have a bit more help, our Corporate Franchise department is available and will help the business owner pick a location and market that represents the best possibility for success based on our past operating history.

How much does it cost to get a facility up and running? Each experience is different, and depends on several factors, only some of which may be in the franchisee's control. Startup costs vary from city to city in the United States, but can range from $50,000 to $60,000 USD. International clinics can cost more and do require additional clinic and training/support commitments.

As these facilities are individually owned, what role does Corporate Egoscue play in my day-to-day business? All Egoscue facilities are linked via high-speed video conferencing, including our corporate offices. While daily operations are the responsibility of each individual business owner, Corporate will work to provide ongoing training for staff, provide quality control for all clinics, develop and administer ongoing training, and act as a sounding board for new ideas. A quality therapy product should be the focus of all of our franchisees, and we work to provide them with every opportunity to deliver just that to their customers. All obligations of Corporate Egoscue are outlined in Franchise Disclosure Document.

What are the training requirements for therapists to open a facility? Minimum certifications to become a franchisee include both the Accredited Exercise Therapy (AET) certificate and the Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) certificate and additional courses specific to clinic operations. You may contact the Egoscue University for more information about individual curriculum questions regarding each program.

Is the price of therapy uniform at all clinics? In the United States all facilities adhere to the same pricing structure. Internationally, our services remain the same, but the pricing structure may reflect standard of living in each country.

I am already a health practitioner and would like to offer those services out of my clinic. Is that allowed? Yes. Our clinics do sometimes occupy space within larger health facilities, such as hospitals or holistic centers. However, Egoscue facilities perform Egoscue services. The use of our name is reserved for our franchisees. It is encouraged that each facility develop and maintain strong referral ties in their communities should our clients need the services of other health professionals.

How much continued Education is required? Every franchisee is required to attend a yearly training event known as May Days. Quarterly events are also available and are optional. All franchisees are encouraged to stay current and up to date with all of the latest trends in healthcare as well. The University maintains the continuing education and recertification programs. These programs are updated and adjusted to continue to raise the standard of performance of all of our personnel.

What if I need help from another facility? Help is the easiest thing to receive as an Egoscue franchisee. All of our facilities keep a high-speed video conferencing system, called Egoscue Direct®, in operation during business hours. All clinics can be available at the pushing of a button.

Will I need to learn how to bill insurance? No. Egoscue clinics are non-medical facilities and do not currently bill insurance companies for our services.

Does each facility need to keep normal business hours? Yes. A full time effort is required to be available to your clients. Often times, a clinic will be open more, and even longer than a normal business in order to cater to our clients needs.

How much is a clinic expected to advertise? Egoscue has a rich tradition as a client referral organization. We expect all franchisees to put their "advertising efforts" into their client's wellness and success. We expect all of our clinics to advertise in ways to reflect their markets and client base.

Do all clinics sell Egoscue products as well as offer our services? While all of our Egoscue products should be represented within every clinic, how much inventory a franchisee maintains may vary greatly. Egoscue products are primarily available through our approved and licensed vendors.

Do I need to produce my own marketing collateral or brochures? Yes, A franchisee may purchase any established collaterals in quantity appropriate for their operating their facility. Clinics are encouraged to create materials that may be appropriate to their local market while keeping with our established brand identity. Standard designs for letterhead and brochures are created with clinic uniformity in mind and should be used by each facility. Approval for some materials may be required as per the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement.